VIXX – Scentist (향)

One red flower petal, a single young leaf
An amazing combo, all sense of touch on edge
The icy moonlight, the cloudy eyes
Earnest whispers, an unmistakable formula

A sweet experiment
That gathers tears of flower petals
The fallen tears
Bloom anew

I held my breath, the moment I found you in the fog
I’m thirsty for you, to receive a single drop that will make me bloom

I’m putting you all over my body
Thickly settling you all over my body
You’re on me, you’re on me, can’t wash you out

Yeah, a hundred colors and a prism
Colors and shapes seem clear but
My world is trapped in a shape that’s not tangible
Place me in your arms that can’t be controlled

I was looking
For the first scent
Traces like you
That tie me up so I can’t move

A sweet obsession that counts the scents every day
In my dark room
A thousand colors scatter about

I’m putting you all over my body
Thickly settling you all over my body
You’re on me, you’re on me, perfecting this dizziness

You and I, we’re not getting ruined
Come here, seep into me
I won’t ever hurt you
So hold my hand
There’s only assurance, in my experiment
You complete my dizziness

A glamorous yet simple pattern
Natural like cherry blossoms
I won’t contaminate you
In just one moment, you pass through my nose
Leaving a deep scent
You already know
Increasing colors and frequency of your stimulus
I’m losing my rationale into the cracks of your wall

I closed my eyes, only you remain in the silence
You spread out as a bright light so deep in me

Breathing you in so deep
Breathing you in, breathing you in
Trapping you all over my body
Trapping you so you won’t disappear

Whirlwinds of clear scents
Draw out before me
This dizziness that I had for a long time
Blooms greater than flowers
In my closed eyes, I’m taking you in
I’m taking you in, making you only see me


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