NCT 127 – Run Back 2 You

Yeah, you know I can’t do it without you girl
And it’s like, you know

In the end, this is all I can do
I can never let go of your hand
In front of the past, I’m too late in calling out to you, my throat goes out
Without a single trace of a lie, the moment I stand in front of you
I become impotent, I don’t know what’s in the end
I’m trying to go back to the past where I left you alone
Lost my direction, I’m wandering, hold onto me like you did before
Only you can make me walk again
The moment I can be myself again
Now I know that the days I was only with you are just a memory
I confess, I was really drunk and now I’m saying

I always love you
(Running back to you)

I lost interest, I needed something new
I ignored the fact that I hurt you because of that
Trying to take you back after hurting you
I know it’ll be another scar but I can’t give that up
(Running back to you)

(I love you like this beat)
Like this, like this, like this
I remember, I remember, I remember you
(I love you like this beat)
(Running back to you)

I always love you
(Running back to you)

I try to empty you out but it’s not easy
Memories of being next to you shake me up and drag me out
Now I’m asking myself, were you really happy?
I’m still awake in the times with you
I can’t let go of your memories, I want to hold onto you even if it’s by force
I’m selfish, I’m living in your memories
Not able to empty you out
Come back, I’ll change, on this street I used to walk with you
Every remaining trace comes back with each step, calling out to you
So I had to stop, I couldn’t walk anymore

I always love you
(Running back to you)

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