VIXX – Rock Ur Body

Uh, let the games begin
Check it out V. I. double X in da house

Each time things get dull, each time you get bored
Like the game you like to play, just do whatever you want
I stand before you and I’m like a puzzle piece
Like a game of tetris, I’ll make it so you can’t take your eyes off me

The more time that passes, the more you’ll fall for me
(This game can’t be stopped any more)
Nothing else is needed but just us two right now
Start it now – rock your body body

* This night, this day is so exciting
Let’s go together like this baby
I waited for this for so long
Now hold my hand and uh uh

** Dance to the left to the right
You make me feel alive alive
Wonderful tonight night night (with you)
This night, this day is so good like this
Rock your body body Rock your body body

You and I are like a rollercoaster ride
It’s an electrifying feeling like a game – this is love
Like the main character that’s been cast under a spell
If you freeze, I’ll run to you, trust me

I go head over heels for you
When things get serious, don’t mind them
Reset – life is like breaking down the walls of tetris pieces
In my life, I’m the main character
The last boss is always twice the fun
You’re not a SCV, life is about items and cash

You don’t even notice time is ticking and you fall for me
(You can’t stop me now)
Like a game, I’m getting closer to you
Start it now – rock your body body

* Repeat

** Repeat

Come closer come closer
This button is the key to call me
If you press it, we’ll become closer
Be be be be be be baby

* Repeat

** Repeat

Welcome to ma world
Welcome to ma world
Rock your body body
Rock your body body