Wonder Girls – Sorry

I was the one who coldly left you, saying that it’s the end
But these days, I think of you, who only loved me

I shouldn’t call you because you’ll be shaken again
I try to promise myself but it’s no use
Without knowing, I look for you again

* Baby I’m sorry,
I think I’ll hurt you again
Baby I’m sorry
After seeing you, I think I’m getting a bad heart
I still want to hear that you love me
I still don’t know myself too
Baby I’m sorry

We can’t go back to the times when you loved me but
I can’t stand you forgetting me
Can we try again? Can we love again?
I know that it’s no use but
I want you to still look at me
With that bad heart, I meet you

* Repeat

Sorry even if it’ll give you a scar again
But I still need your love
How can I live without you?
I don’t want to live without your love
You can’t forget me yet
Forgive me for being so bad
I’m sorry but I need your love
I’m sorry

Baby I’m sorry
I still want to be your everything
Baby I’m sorry
I still want your entire heart
I can’t let you go, I still want your love
Why did you love such a bad person like me?
Baby I’m sorry


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