Jang Woo Young – 2NITE

Oh girl tonight, let’s party on tonight
(Wooyoung, baby do it like that la la la la la la la)

Guess what! Guess who I am, yes, can you guess?
Tonight, my drama will start now (right now)
Oh, the caution level has gone up but there’s no use
Because no matter what anyone says, I’m the main – maybe

Close the space a bit more, playfully line up
Don’t fight, tonight is your chance
Look at me ladies, one look and you’ll fall for my step
Tonight is too short, just trust me

* (YOU!) Sexy Girl tonight
(YOU!) Dazzling Girl tonight
We’ll make a love again tonight on this stage (hey!)
(YOU!) It’s electrifying tonight
(YOU!) It’s breathtaking tonight
Under these lights tonight, till the break of dawn
Are you ready? Don’t be nervous

So hot – who do you see on this fiery stage?
Tonight the pretty ladies all say my name (Wooyoung)
You look jealous but it’s mostly obvious
No matter what anyone says, it’s a show for me, DJ

Turn up the volume as if it’s gonna burst
Keep the secret, tonight is gonna be a dream
Slowly come to me so I can have you
Tonight is too short, just trust me

* Repeat

A fiery night, I want to do things right today
I have zero thoughts on stopping, an exploding paradise
Don’t hold back, you know the answer to your heart
Girl Hey! You’re my lady

* Repeat



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