ZE:A – S.A.D. (Something In a Dream)

I gotta go. yeah gotta go, break it out,
I gotta go my own way yeah, own way yeah uh uh
Again today, I…

* Something in a dream, the dream we drew out together
It fades away and becomes dust, crumbles apart and scatters – you make me cry
Starving and shrunken up for love, please – something in a dream

Don’t say anything – It’s my way, just stay still and listen
Leave the last words of separation to me, turn around and go
Don’t ever come back in my life, even if I die, don’t give me any lingering attachment
Throw me away, erase all of me – I’m hurting because of you

** Though I kneel down and hold onto you, I remember you
Though I put together my hands and beg
It’s no use – the heart pounding days have gone to back then

*** Turn it back, tell me – turn it back to that time, tell me again
My ice cold heart is speaking, for a dying me
Turn it back, let me go – it feels like I could die, I’m trapped in your dream
Take me out, leave me alone girl, turn it back to back then

I need to go somewhere, there’s no way – I need to find you somehow
Before the dream where I’m sweetly in love is over, I go crazy
When I see you in my eyes, I try to hold you but you disappear like dust
I’m miserable, I’m scared, what I think about is you

** Repeat

*** Repeat

* Repeat

Oh break it up, why can’t you say it
Oh break it up, turn it all back
So you won’t know where I am
So you won’t know what is reality or what is a dream
Something in a dream, something in a dream.

*** Repeat


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Hoping to be a bridge between k-pop music & k-pop fans who don't understand the Korean language.

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