P-Type, Swings (Feat. Kang Min Hee of Miss $) – Money (Incarnation of Money OST)


Money, it’s what makes the world go round
A car don’t roll without it’s oil man, it’s like that

Even young kids know
The taste of money when they receive pocket money on Lunar New Years
It creates an eternal thirst, it casts a noose around your neck
If that’s what happens to everyone, why care about ethical values?
I just take care of myself, if I don’t wanna get hit, I hit them from behind first
Like cavemen in suits, this city is a jungle
It’s a boxing match with no ref so be an athlete who doesn’t know defeat

Where is the end to this game? Will I even be there?
I was once standing at the starting line but where am I now? I ask and ask
I make money with money and now, more problems come like a premium
A problem that can’t be solved with money? There’s no such thing – it’s just a matter of how much
I take a bite out of a piece of pie, whether or not it’s given to me by the devil
The first condition of this contract is to turn the other way

* Even if I am swayed, even if I break down this way
There’s no regret, there’s no regret
Even if you turn against me, even if you leave me like that
I’m alright

“Yes – first, man was born, and then money” – don’t be deceived, you were born after that
People who try to outstrip you, point fingers at you
But you can win over the harsh criticisms and block them
Cut everyone off, don’t trust anyone – but money won’t betray you
It replaces those considerably nice friends
It’s a talisman that protects me, a blood diamond
If you don’t have money, you’re just another human being

Surviving is life’s only goal
Bury those impudent emotions like love
Scoff at the words, “boys over flowers”
Checks are better than cash, my hands are my weapon
It’s a cold war between me and my brain, survival is the main focus
After that, it’s victory, dash toward the crown
No one can see ghost-like existences
My real intent is to place shackles on this world

* Repeat

In front of this world, I don’t need an audience
Get money, it’s the absolute answer
It’s the survival white paper of the concrete jungle
You and I both have blackened stomachs, it’s now time to know
If you don’t want to be stolen from, steal first
Go out with the dawn air and take what is yours
I will have this game, if something gets in my way, I will purchase this whole world
I don’t care if you criticize me, I don’t care if I go crazy this way
I have no regrets, no regrets

* Repeat

Remember, sometimes money is the opposite of happiness
But you’ve already been a failure since the day you were born
So it’ll be the notice board at the bus stop, that will take you to happiness


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