Those eyes penetrates me, pierces my heart
It infiltrates into my hormones in my body, she controls me, bad girl

The moment I first saw you, it was a perfect chemistry
I’m your accessory that is prepared for you
It’s not heaven and the end is hell but I’m being pulled to you

* I want you, you burn up me like crazy
The closer I get, the more I get cut by a knife called you
Though I know the end, I keep falling for you

Without fear, without calculations, I am in love with you
Rather than my head, my body is pulled to you, I can’t take it anymore

My head is paralyzed, complete chaos
Just with one body movement, you win over me K.O.
You completely break down my cold rationale and sense

* Repeat

** Dangerous Dangerous Dangerous (x3)
You laugh at me and gesture to me, dangerous

So da da da da dangerous, the sexy you are my Venus
You’re fatal and dangerous but I’m a guy who’s ready to get hurt so pass
Rock it yo, have me, if you’re not confident, just give me your body
I’ll treat it well, carefully, breathtakingly, more deeply
Right now

I’ve got you, no matter how much I have you and fill up on you
As if there’s a hole in my heart
I keep getting thirsty, down down down

** Repeat

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Hoping to be a bridge between k-pop music & k-pop fans who don't understand the Korean language.

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