Jun.K & Wooyoung (2PM) – Superman

I’m a rocket, I fly
Wanna play a game of hide-and-seek?
I’m Tom, you’re Jerry
Everyone who wants to play, gather here
Cuz we gon party heavy
Be ready to be punished tonight
You spin round and round
It keeps spinning, we’re going crazy
I’m like a magnet
Pretty girls keep sticking to me
I throw the bait the girls open their mouths
Say ahhh girl say ahhh girl
Say ahhh girl say ahhh girl
say ahhh girl
Mm, delicious
Keep driving with the top down
Guys get out
Girls get on top and go on the bottom
Oops, sorry, I got the manners to protect your new shoes
And you pay me back with your hot body
Nice to see you, did you come to play?
If you like what you see, turn on the switch
Hey, hey, look, don’t think too hard
Come without telling you parents because it’s dangerous
See you wanna go
Already know
I can show you thangs
I can give you
Let me see your body move
And do it better
Don’t hide it but show me
Doesn’t matter
From the East to the West
I’m not Hong Kil Dong but a red-caped Superman
You’ll be speechless because I’m so hot
The fire will spread
Wear your fire suit
We’re in danger right now
Danger danger
So danger
Okay Superman returns
Saving the lost girls one by one from the night streets
Chasing away the villains
Call me, I’ll be there in 5 minutes
Feeling annoyed because of the people who don’t make it a good crowd
Pretend to be confident, pretend to be all that
What’re you huffing about, if you’re attracted to me, throw that all away
Go home, all the kids go home
Get your pens and write your resumes
Or go the sample corners and eat your dinner

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Hoping to be a bridge between k-pop music & k-pop fans who don't understand the Korean language.

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