Jun.K (ft. San E) – No Love Part 2

It’s okay, breaking up is like putting a period
It’s okay, if you walk alone, it’ll just end
it’s okay

ay Jun.k whats going on in this shit,
oh like old days!
Again we doing this shit
you know “Life is like musical”
and love is the main theme
Is there something u gotta say?
Something something I gotta say
let me rap about
the whole definition of love

I tried to solve the formula of relationships
But there’s no answer in my idle thoughts
It goes around my past and future
As a result, keeps getting smaller
To the point where I can’t even see myself
Even things that aren’t special look so beautiful
Drunk with the scent, the flower bloomed but the scar grew
I didnt know,
guess I knew it but I lived it cause
Sometimes, love is an angel that is named Satan
Baby, was it a dream?
When I look at you, my heart is about to explode, about to melt
I didn’t want to wake up
Baby when I’m looking back,
You know you were all I had
You said you’d protect me, you’d stay by my side
So I won’t collapse after a long day
What a lie

What is love what is love
It’s nothing, going back to you
No Love No Love No Love, Woo

Your voice, your smile
Your sweet scent, makes my heart lost
Because I’m drunk

No Love No Love No Love Oooh
After that, lets go back when we
Our awkward story predicted the end
I don’t know if you are touched or in disbelief
Without time to rest, it flows from your face
I don’t know if they are waves or peaceful flowing of rest
I can’t say it
The song you liked sounds sad, the one I saved
As much as I wanted, I’m wasting it, even the tears I held back
Are you as happy as you seem?
Am I as happy as you see me?
Baby, even if we go back
My heart will still love you
But don’t know how to do it
You can’t stop my heart
Even if I will be cast away

What is love what is love
It’s nothing, going back to you
No Love No Love No Love, Woo

Woo your hair, you sweep it back
You used to smile for me
I still can’t forget
My broken heart

No Love No Love No Love oooh
Love is bad, goodbye goodbye
Only memories remain, goodbye goodbye
Even if we are thrown away, it’s okay


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