fromis_9 – The Way To Me (나에게로 오는 길)

From some point, I couldn’t wait
Who are you? Where are you?
I don’t know yet
But at this mysterious pull
I’m waiting for you

Are you waiting for me too?
Are you coming to me?

But I know
Like our destiny among the countless stars
We will meet

Actually, I am worried
What if I’m not good enough?
So I’m trying harder day by day
So you can recognize me right away

Some day, we will meet
Just like how you fill up my days
I hope your days are filled with me too

I wonder how you look like
Though I don’t know yet
When I do meet you
I’ll tell you that you came a long way

I’ll take one step toward you first
So wait for me there

My fluttering heart
These nervous feelings for you, it’s all ready
I’ll recognize you right away

On the day I meet you
If that day really comes
With the prettiest face in the world
I’ll say pretty words

You… I wonder where you are right now

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