woo, I don’t love you
I just like the vibes you have
I’m using a part of you
Till I get inspired
I’ll enjoy you and discriminate you however I want
Yeah bring me that red and white wine
Armand bright light
Yea Malibu right
Not every day
Just when I forget about you
When my friends are going through hard times
I’ll follow you and pour it in
But I won’t ever shake
I just want that nice buzz
I can’t change my drinking habits
Always wary of the temptations of alcohol
But sometimes, I just drink
But still tequila is fucked up
I won’t drink whatever you give me
You drink it yourself, my friends, hell ye wassup
Alcohol ye
Alcohol ye
Alcohol ye
Alcohol ye

woo, even clinking glasses is hard
My friends are too busy
Or asleep cuz reality is too hard
Where u at my homies woo
Where u at my superstar
Writing this cuz I miss you all
Oh yeah, I almost forgot
I forgot I said I was gonna call
Making alcohol into an excuse, let’s meet right now
Pour till it overflows
Alcohol ye
Alcohol ye
Alcohol ye
Alcohol ye

Daily life, mixed with solitude and small anecdotes
Future, dream, money, fame, love and in this map
There’s my current address and my success
Following hope in this dark and dirty ocean
So many struggles inside
But still, these times comfort us
That bastard is so motha motha
The more righteous they act, the worse they are
motha mother mother mother
It doesn’t matter if you don’t understand me
I just need to vent that it’s lonely and hard
Go get’em Go get’em Go get’em Go get’em Go get’em
Go get’em real fuckin’ how much time must pass
For us to not have to comfort each other?
How many more glasses must we clink and drink
For this alcohol to taste sweet
And for us to eat happiness as chasers instead of worries?
My vision ambition
I can go all in
Make miracles happen and live as a great man
My house is gonna be called a temple

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