Ravi ft. Microdot – WHERE AM I

Everyday every night I need more

ye where am I
where where am I
Where am I ye ye
ye where am I
where where am I
Am I there? ye ye
ye where am I
where where am I
I don’t get hung up on the past
I already know my future
I saw my car, my wealth, everything
don’t worry

I know I know, I doubted it too
Anyone can be determined
And have a new beginning
But they cool down shortly
Half of them do
So I got confident
Impatient dudes make faces like who’s that bastard
As they shake their head
The secret to all success is practice
My talent was always in my body
so I’m pouring it all out oh yeah
Balenciaga, McQueen, Balmain
Rolie on my wrist, that became a reality
I’m dreaming a new dream, I must go every day
Today’s dream will go tomorrow

Past time and space
Past time and space

Jumping over all walls, even the black sky grows clear
No more worries
Living each day like a dream, not like reality
I still can’t believe it
When I open my eyes every morning
I close them again and pray
Cuz time won’t stop
Enjoy each moment with me

When water comes in, row
don’t stop, keep going, yeah
When you fall, stop for a bit then
keep moving, Yeah
You can do it too
Close your eyes and have faith
Keep believing
Live young, be wild, laugh loud
Feel this freedom

Throw away your greed
Empty out your heart
Like your first glass
Throw away all the negative energy
all the negativity
Do what you want baby
Walk on your own flower path
Just do what you do
no one will do it for you, baby baby

Past time and space
Past time and space

You’re someone’s pride
You’re someone’s idiot
You’re someone’s roof
You’re under someone’s foot
Not everyone needs to acknowledge me

My fans are already bopping their head
Holding up their thumbs
I won’t match my eyes with everyone else’s anymore
Even if a storm comes, I’ll stand in the middle
And throw up my middle finger, fuck you
I have no time to stop
On my shoulders are the houses and tables of my family
I don’t have money to feed my future children
So I still need to move
Even when the moon puts the day to sleep
I need to open my eyes wide

Past time and space

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Hoping to be a bridge between k-pop music & k-pop fans who don't understand the Korean language.

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